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The newbies.

BIT OF FILTH is some dirty piece of Sludge-/Doom-Music made with the computer. Be surprised by the sound of it!

More to come here or on our Soundcloud-Section

FILM-PANORAMA.DE - The movie-site from fans for fans. News, reviews, all about movies . just a hobby, but seriously nice! (German)

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Blog-site by Maggus, containing blogs, Let´s-Plays, reviews and more. Fun to watch and read (German).

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BITTERNESS EXHUMED - Doomy, unstraight and Hardcore-ish in-your-face-noise from Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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Grinding Power-violence from Kaiserslautern, Germany. My old mates for 11 years,

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UNLEARNED - And the third "Pfälzisch-Grindcore"-Feature, this time as D-Beat-Crust-Inferno.

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The sections are worked out now, so you can discover the parts more easy.